A Note about Tech Programming

Many Public Libraries already offer excellent technology-related programming. I wonder though, in a world with unlimited resources for public libraries, could they offer even more tech programming that is tailored to fit the needs of each and every age group? Could they offer programming that would engage kids, teens, 25-45 year olds, Baby Boomers and seniors?

Kids– These classes could be even more beneficial if a parent, grandparent, or guardian were able to come. Classes could include “Components of a Computer”, “What is the Internet?” and “Educational Online Tools for Kids”.

Teens/Young Adults– Classes like “Starting a Blog” and Workshops on “New Games and Gaming Devices”. Hosting LAN Parties, which some public libraries already do.

25-45 year olds– Engage this generation with classes like “Creating your own Website” and “Building an App”. Don’t forget many of these 25-45 year olds will be parents and they could participate in children’s tech programming with their kids or learn a new skill while their kids are learning new skills in a another room of the library.

Baby Boomers– Classes that teach Social Media skills

Seniors– Basic Computer Skills, such as working with email, Microsoft Office Programs, and also Social Media Basics.

A final note about Computer Security- I think there should be classes or workshops for every age group on how to be safe and protect your privacy on the Internet.

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